Mama Chops Papa Grill

Mama Chops Papa Grill | We went there last night. Actually nak pegi makan Western food kat kedai lain tapi tutup pulak. Western restaurant yang paling dekat dengan bas station MamaChops PapaGrill je. There is nothing much to say about it, i just wanna share some pictures with you guys. 

Chicken Burger. Quite good and harga pon reasonable jugak la sebab actually this chicken burger is for "Kiddies Meal". Portion die like a normal one. So, oklah! kenyang. 

Chicken Maryland. It is almost like a #Disneyland. There are many types of "things" in it, fries, vegetables, sausage, banana fritter and of course the chicken itself. #seriouskenyang

Mushroom Soup! this one is considered #sedapforme because normally aku tak suka sangat Mushroom Soup.

Grill Barbecue Chicken. The taste is sooooooooooo goood. that's all from me.bubye!
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